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Spider Pest Control

Guaranteed eradication!

Spiders are an increasing concern in the UK. Especially since the dramatic increase of the ‘false widow spider’ (as shown above).

Throughout Surrey and Buckinghamshire, false widows have spread through garages, attics and other secluded areas. They often find their way into living spaces when seeking new nesting sites and places to set up their webs. You have found the right spider pest control company.

See us in action exterminating some false widow spiders!

Spider Control Emergency

Having a spider problem can be very distressful for tenants and homeowners. We understand this and provide rapid same days response spider control.

Buckinghamshire based technicians mean we are able to get to you usually within 1 or 2 hours. In order to discuss your problem and get someone out to you as soon as possible please call our friendly re-assuring team on 01753 208220 .

Alternatively you can email enquiries@jgpestcontrol.co.uk (emergency emails always answered even out of hours).

JG Pest Control are a specialist spider eradication company, we treat for false widow spiders and the common house hold spider every day, throughout Buckinghamshire and nearby areas.

How we rid your property from Spiders

  • Either a spray or powder is applied directly to activity areas
  • We often couple this with a space fogging or smoke treatment
  • On contact the spiders are affected and in turn die off.

We offer emergency spider pest control with a 2 hour response time, call JG Pest Control now, on 01753 208220

Guaranteed Spider Pest Control

  • All JG Pest Control’s services come with a guarantee
  • If the problem persists we will come back free of charge.
  • Our service is covered by our liability insurance

How do I know if I need professional spider pest control?

Living in the UK we are luckily enough to not come across some of the more harmful spiders.

However there are a few species in the UK considered a pest because of the distress they can cause, and in the case of the false widow (UK’s most venomous spider) for the threat that they pose.

If you see regular spider activity in your property it is likely that the spiders are nesting in and around home cavities, such as the loft space and cavity walls.


Emergency Spider Control Services, call 01753 208220

Our Service

JG pest control can apply a treatment to eradicate the problem. False widow spiders are also found outside, often in shelter under guttering and other similar areas. If you suspect you have a false widow spider problem then give us a call today to discuss your options and for pricing information.

For more advice please call JG Pest Control.

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